About LatisseDoctor.com

LatisseDoctor.com was created to provide a faster, less expensive and more convenient way for women and men to purchase LATISSE®.

LATISSE® Solution is not available over the counter and conventionally patients must first visit their doctor before they can purchase LATISSE® Solution. This adds to the cost of purchasing LATISSE® Solution and also makes it far less convenient.

LatisseDoctor.com allows you to purchase LATISSE® Solution online - saving you copious amounts of time and money. Instead of being obligated to visit a physician you simply fill in our medical history form and our on-staff physician will ensure that LATISSE® Solution is a safe for you to use before we send out your order. LATISSE® Solution is a benign treatment that is safe for the broad majority of the public, but if the Doctor sees any red flags in your medical history we will immediately refund your order and refer you to see a physician in person before considering LATISSE® Solution.

LatisseDoctor.com is a subsidiary of Seaside Medical Spa Inc.

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